Sara Lintner has exuded an entrepreneurial spirit ever since she was young. Whether it was creating a front yard carnival with her friend Emily when they were in elementary school, or painting trinket boxes and selling them in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin in middle school, Sara has always been a maker, demonstrating a knack for the crafts and design that people wanted. This drive of creativity and dedication has led to the formation of Sara’s Too Many Suitors label.

The idea of Too Many Suitors hatched in Sara’s senior year of college. A line of high-design yet affordable goods for her senior show sparked interest for continued production on a larger scale. Sara soon decided that she should make her pet project an actual business. After completing her B.F.A. in Graphic Design in 2006 and settling into her first full-time design job, she did just that.

Sara creates everything for Too Many Suitors, from the t-shirt designs to the labels. As the perfectionist Virgo that she is, Sara has been working diligently to perfect her line of goodies. This blog is a window into what Sara’s process, inspiration, design and interests are all about. So enjoy the blog and let Sara know what you think!

Don’t be weirded out by the third person description, it’s just easier for Sara to write about herself.